Support the training of local South African rangers to protect at-risk rhinos from illegal poaching. image

Support the training of local South African rangers to protect at-risk rhinos from illegal poaching.

Your donation will help train and empower local rangers to keep critically endangered wildlife like black rhino safe from poachers.

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A rhino is killed every 9 hours in South Africa. In the last four years, more than 4,500 have fallen to poachers’ bullets, with their horns ripped from their faces, leaving them to die a horrific death. VETPAW protects these animals by turning the tide against poaching and keeping wildlife under their care safe.

We’re raising $100,000 to train local park rangers to protect endangered animals in the areas that VETPAW serves. We can protect endangered animals together with local community members who want to join the fight. These men don't have the necessary skills, training and experience to do the job effectively—we are changing that. Help us to train and upskill these rangers to safeguard South Africa’s most vulnerable animal populations.

Your donation will assist with the 24-hour protection of elephants and endangered black and white rhinos, and has a direct positive impact on the communities surrounding the reserve by providing additional income streams. These beautiful, wild creatures deserve a safe home in their natural habitat—their survival is dependent upon equipping local park rangers with a foundational skill set, specialized training, equipment and continued employment. Let’s work together to ensure elephants and rhinos aren’t deprived of the protection they deserve, and that South African communities receive the dire resources necessary for this conservation and preservation.

Will you join forces with VETPAW for Giving Tuesday to combat the urgent rhino and elephant poaching crisis facing South African communities? The impact of your loyalty and compassion will be felt by animals and humans alike, contributing to the rejuvenation of an ecosystem that is worthy of the opportunity to thrive once again.