Help us employ more veterans and stop the illegal poaching of African Wildlife!  image

Help us employ more veterans and stop the illegal poaching of African Wildlife!

Be a Force for Nature and help us protect hundreds of Rhinos from poaching in South Africa.

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Be A Force For Nature

Due to the mounting poaching crisis in South Africa VETPAW will be assisting in relocating a significant number of rhinos ( black & white) as well as elephants over the next five to ten years to a reserve on the Eastern Cape of South Africa, which Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) is working with to enhance and manage a comprehensive security plan, which ensures the safety and wellbeing of all wildlife within this ecosystem.

These efforts will focus on the protection of the critically endangered black rhino, near threatened white rhino, and African elephant. The animals will join a healthy ecosystem that is home to rhinos, elephants, pangolin, cheetah, lions and other species previously released in 2017 and 2018 as part of an aggressive conservation program.

Post 9-11 veterans who faced the atrocities in the Middle East are now facing dangerous poachers. The parks are vast, the animals are endangered and these animals need round -the- clock monitoring. It takes an army, village, a platoon of brave soldiers to not only defend these animals, but to safeguard and train farm owners, their families and empower embattled park rangers to protect themselves and the wildlife their communities depend upon. It is our hope to someday duplicate our stealth operation not only in SA but in multiple parks throughout Africa. However, we can only do that with strength in numbers from loyal and passionate supporters like you that will help ensure that our Force For Nature Campaign is a success.

It starts today, with you. Will you join forces with us to help us continue to fight for the survival of these majestic creatures that cannot ward off the bullets, machetes and chainsaws? With this huge responsibility we will need more boots on the ground in order to continue our conservation efforts. Please help us employ more US Veterans and continue being a Force For Nature in tipping the scales in favor of survival, not extinction for these majestic creatures and help restore Nature to its' original balance.